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We are happy to ser­vice the Alexan­dria, VA area! We offer ser­vices in Roof­ing sid­ingwin­dowsgut­ters, car­pen­try, slid­ing glass doors, front entry doors, sky­lights and more!

Alexan­dria res­i­dents please call 703–550-0055. Zip­codes include: 22311, 22304, 22302, 22305, 22314

Hear are reviews from clients in Alexandria:



We had a great expe­ri­ence with Mar­shall Roof­ing.  They are very pro­fes­sional and friendly.  We would rec­om­mend them in a heart­beat.  I don’t think we have received this kind of cus­tomer ser­vice ever before.  
Before select­ing Mar­shall we received quotes from three other com­pa­nies.  Mar­shall was very pro­fes­sional, punc­tual and friendly from the start.  I left them a mes­sage and they were quick to get back to me.  They told me upfront that it would be a week or two before they could get out for an esti­mate.  I expected this after speak­ing with a few other com­pa­nies.  
Jeremy came out for the esti­mate and was very thor­ough and friendly.  Of the four places who gave us quotes, Mar­shall was the only com­pany that went into our attic.  Only two of the four (Mar­shall and another) got up on the roof to look around.  After going into the attic Jeremy noticed there was ven­ti­la­tion block­ing our in take.  Jeremy went through our shin­gle options and the guar­an­tees that came with them.  Before leav­ing he printed up a proposal/estimate for the work they would do.  Their quote wasn’t the most expen­sive or the least expen­sive.  Later that evening Jeremy emailed us pic­tures of the roof he had taken dur­ing his visit.  Within a week Mar­shall called to give us a time­frame of when they would be out to put on our roof (mid Novem­ber).  They called us a week or so later to give us a def­i­nite date.  
Both work days, they arrived a few min­utes early and ready to work.  After­wards our neigh­bors com­mented on how quiet they were com­pared to when their other neigh­bors had their roof replaced.
A few weeks later when we had a lot of rain and snow, one of our bed­room win­dows leaked.  We had never had a prob­lem with it before.  I called Mar­shall and explained the prob­lem.  They sched­uled some­one to come out to take a look.  They said if it wasn’t an issue with the roof (which would be under war­ranty), they could give us an esti­mate on the win­dow.  Robert came out (with another man who I never spoke to) and dis­cussed the prob­lem with me before he took a look.  After­wards he wrote up an invoice and explained to me what they had found.  They needed to pull off the bot­tom three rows of shin­gles on front bump out and pad out the dip and add more win­ter­guard. Then they would install new shin­gles and adjust diverter so it was at more of an angle.  It was a war­ranty repair.  Within a week some­one was out to make the repairs.  It took less than 30 min­utes to do the repairs.  My son was nap­ping on the top floor and didn’t wake dur­ing the repairs.  
As I said before we had a great expe­ri­ence with Mar­shall.  Every­one we dealt with was very friendly and pro­fes­sional.  We received excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice.” via National Con­sumer Rat­ings Web­siteAlexan­dria, VA. 12/31/13

” I was pleased with this job, includ­ing the company’s response to my request to reme­di­ate an error that became appar­ent after the first major rain storm.

They sched­uled my job as soon as they could, but due to the very wet sum­mer it was about a month between when I signed my quote and when instal­la­tion occurred. Chris and Annett were my points of con­tact through­out. The installer arrived on the day sched­uled and com­pleted the job. I didn’t need to be present since this was out­side work. Every­thing was cleaned up and neat when they were done.

About 3 weeks later, we had our first major heavy rain with wind, and the elbow of one down­spout pulled loose from force of the water com­ing down from above. The prob­lem was due to hav­ing used only 1 screw at this joint and the down­spout actu­ally tore at the point where that 1 screw was attached. I con­tacted Chris and Annett the fol­low­ing day and described the prob­lem. Chris said he would send some­one on that Thurs­day (3 days later) to check and fix the prob­lem, which he did. I came home that day to find the down­spout cor­rectly attached and torn parts appar­ently replaced.

I selected this com­pany because (1) it got great Ang­ies List reviews; (2) a friend has used them pre­vi­ously and was pleased with their work; (3) I wanted my gut­ters pitched cor­rectly to reme­di­ate a water incur­sion prob­lem that was caus­ing prob­lems inside. I’d pre­vi­ously used a handy­man to install and repair my gut­ters , which may have lead up to some of the inside prob­lems. Mar­shalls was the right choice. I was espe­cially impressed because they stood behind their work and fixed the down­spout prob­lem promptly. I wasn’t espe­cially both­ered that the installer only used 1 screw in the first place because the response to my point­ing out the error/problem was han­dled promptly and pro­fes­sion­ally. What more could I ask of any busi­ness! This was a good con­trac­tor expe­ri­ence!” via National Con­sumer Rat­ings Web­site. Alexan­dria, VA. 11/29/13

Showed up on time. All of the mate­ri­als had been deliv­ered to the roof ahead of time. Tear off of old roof was neat and and all debris col­lected on an as you go basis. From the esti­mate to the work, with the fol­low up for new gut­ter screen­ing it all went smoothly.” Via Angie’s List-Scott. Alexan­dria, VA. 11/25/13Showed up on time. All of the mate­ri­als had been deliv­ered to the roof ahead of time. Tear off of old roof was neat and and all debris col­lected on an as you go basis. From the esti­mate to the work, with the fol­low up for new gut­ter screen­ing it all went smoothly.” via National Con­sumer Rat­ings Web­site. Alexan­dria, VA 11/25/13.

 “You all were won­der­ful at repair­ing my flat roof this sum­mer.    I really appre­ci­ated the great ser­vice, and should have sent a thank you note at the time.”  via email– Michelle. Alexan­dria, VA. 10/21/13. 

Every­one I dealt with from Mar­shall Roof­ing was extremely pro­fes­sional.     The recep­tion­ist set up a time for an esti­mate and pro­vided me the name of the per­son who would be com­ing to the house.  That per­son arrived on time, checked out the sky­light and entire roof, explained exactly what needed to be done and pro­vided me an esti­mate.  Although the sky­light is 24 years old, he told me there was no sign the seal had bro­ken but if I wanted to replace it because of its age, he would pro­vide an esti­mate.   How­ever he in no way put any pres­sure on me to replace the sky­light .   He also said it would take approx­i­mately 2 weeks before the job could be done depend­ing on the weather.  When I made my deci­sion, I was put on the sched­ule and the work was com­pleted within that time frame.   I was not home when the repairs were made, but after inspect­ing the roof around the skyl­light, it appears to be well done and there was no mess left.   There have been a cou­ple of down pours since the work was done and there has been absolutely no sign of leak­age.  I’m very pleased with the ser­vice I received.” via National Con­sumer Rat­ings Web­site. Alexan­dria, VA. 8/22/13 


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