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Our roof­ing, sid­ing, and win­dows work is highly rated amongst Alexan­dria, VA clients! We are happy to ser­vice the Alexan­dria com­mu­nity with roof repairs, roof replace­ment, sid­ing replace­ment, gut­ter replace­ment, sky­lights, car­pen­try, and more. Every esti­mate is free. email today. Here’s what our Alexan­dria clients have to say about Marshall!



You all were won­der­ful at repair­ing my flat roof this sum­mer.    I really appre­ci­ated the great ser­vice, and should have sent a thank you note at the time.”  via email– Michelle. Alexan­dria, VA. 10/21/13. 



Every­one I dealt with from Mar­shall Roof­ing was extremely pro­fes­sional.     The recep­tion­ist set up a time for an esti­mate and pro­vided me the name of the per­son who would be com­ing to the house.  That per­son arrived on time, checked out the sky­light and entire roof, explained exactly what needed to be done and pro­vided me an esti­mate.  Although the sky­light is 24 years old, he told me there was no sign the seal had bro­ken but if I wanted to replace it because of its age, he would pro­vide an esti­mate.   How­ever he in no way put any pres­sure on me to replace the sky­light.   He also said it would take approx­i­mately 2 weeks before the job could be done depend­ing on the weather.  When I made my deci­sion, I was put on the sched­ule and the work was com­pleted within that time frame.   I was not home when the repairs were made, but after inspect­ing the roof around the skyl­light, it appears to be well done and there was no mess left.   There have been a cou­ple of down pours since the work was done and there has been absolutely no sign of leak­age.  I’m very pleased with the ser­vice I received.” via Angie’s List — Pamela. Alexan­dria, VA. 8/22/13



Mar­shall did an amaz­ing job with the work.  They were able to install a new roof on both house and garage in two days, new win­dows in the house in a 1/2 a day and then new sid­ing in 3 days.   They showed up on a Wednes­day and have EVERYTHING done by the next Tues­day.   Every­one who worked on the house did a fab­u­lous job, were very nice and cour­te­ous with me.    The win­dow guy even came back to help me with the blinds.   I would give this com­pany the high­est rank­ing. Great job. ” via Angie’s List — Terri. Alexan­dria, VA. 8/21/13



Very highly rec­om­mend.” via Local Con­sumer Rat­ing Web­site. Alexan­dria, VA . 8/13/13



They did an excel­lent job and did not leave mess around the prop­erty. The gut­ters do exactly what they are sup­pose to do.” via Angie’s List — Louise. Alexan­dria, VA. 8/1/13



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