Attic Fans and Ventilation


As you know and can feel, the tem­per­a­ture has reached record highs in July! It is impor­tant to pro­tect your roof dur­ing sum­mer months with prop­er attic ven­ti­la­tion through ridge ven­ti­la­tion, gable vents, attic fans and ven­ti­la­tion sys­tems. Prop­er air ven­ti­la­tion and attic fans help with mois­ture, and heat in the attic. Over­heat­ing in your attic can be detri­men­tal to your roof. Attic ven­ti­la­tion helps pro­long the life of your roof! We have options for your attic air vents, and solu­tions to pro­long the life of your shin­gles. Often­times home­own­ers for­get to pro­tect their roofs from the inside. Be sure to pro­tect the tem­per­a­ture in your home and attic this sum­mer. We have some great reviews on our web­site about our ven­ti­la­tion sys­tems. If you are inter­ested in this ser­vice call for a free esti­mate. 

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