CertainTeed Twitter Photo Program

April 23, 2014


Share your photo of your newly replaced roof on Twitter for a chance to win a $500 gift pack from CertainTeed!

Grand Manor Colonial Slate



Here’s what you have to do.

Tweet a picture of your newly remodeled home to @CTLivingSpaces. The tweet should contain:

  1. The name of the products Marshall installed,

  2. Colors of the products 

  3. Our business name (Marshall Roofing Siding & Windows)


Certainteed will then review entries and choose their winner. The winning entry will be professionally photographed for the CertainTeed’s library, and the homeowner will win a $500 gift pack of CertainTeed Living Spaces® Items. 


The homes that CertainTeed selects to photograph will be based on the number of products used, style of home and location.



Here is a list of gifts to choose. http://www.cooleremail.net/users/certainteed/library4.pdf 



Good Luck! 

The Marshall Team





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