Most home own­ers don’t spend a lot of time think­ing about their gut­ters, but under­stand­ing their impor­tance may pre­vent cost­ly home repair bills in the future.Gutters fun­nel water off of the roof and away from the build­ing, which pro­tects your sid­ing, win­dows, doors and foun­da­tion from water dam­age. While that sounds impor­tant, many build­ing own­ers don’t real­ize how much dam­age can occur when their gut­ters are clogged, leak­ing, or bro­ken. When gut­ters aren’t func­tion­ing prop­er­ly, rain­wa­ter runs off the roof of the build­ing and col­lects on the ground near the foun­da­tion. Heavy rains can result in stand­ing pools of water, which can cause a mul­ti­tude of prob­lems.


Englert is one of the nation’s largest and old­est pro­duc­ers of K‑style gut­ter coil and acces­sories. Englert’s K‑style gut­ter comes in two sizes, 5” and 6” and is made of either alu­minum or gal­va­nized steel.


Rain­Pro Design Series gut­ters pro­tect your most valu­able asset, by mov­ing more water away from your house, faster than any oth­er gut­ter in its class. The Rain­Pro sys­tem allows the max­i­mum water flow of a large gut­ter, with the look of a small­er, more attrac­tive sys­tem.