SunTunnels by Velux

 Brighten a space and save on your energy bill! Sun Tunnel


The Velux Sun Tun­nel™ Tubu­lar Skylight

Tubu­lar sun tun­nel sky­lights that bring bright nat­ural sun­light to any room!

1. ROOF DOME Severe weather model1 UV-Resistant poly­car­bon­ate dome with patented optics trans­mits max­i­mum nat­ural light.
2. LEAK-PROOF ROOF FLASHING Spun alu­minum flash­ing cov­ers most roof pitches and mate­r­ial types, bring­ing bright nat­ural light to any room.
3. TWO 15” ADJUSTABLE LIGHT TUBES Tubes are jointed to rotate up to 45° for ease of align­ment. Mir­rored inte­rior fin­ish reflects max­i­mum light. Exten­sion kit avail­able for instal­la­tions greater than 28”.
4. CEILING TRIM RING AND DIFFUSER Inte­rior ceil­ing trim ring snaps over the lower tube for an air-tight seal. The low pro­file dif­fuser attaches to the trim ring with a sim­ple turn. Easy to remove for cleaning.










The Solar Pow­ered Dim­mer for Sky­Tube gives you the abil­ity to con­trol nat­ural light pro­vided by your Wasco Sky­Tube and allows you to install tubu­lar sky­lights in rooms like bed­rooms, nurs­eries and media rooms.

  • Green Friendly - Pow­ered by a solar panel and four(4) recharge­able Ni-MH batteries;
  • Easy to use — Three-button remote opens, closes and stops dim­mer at any point in oper­a­tion allow­ing full light con­trol and turns the night­light on and off;
  • Increased tube place­ment — Allows tubes to go in rooms like never before – bed­rooms, nurs­eries, and media rooms;
  • Flex­i­ble — Unlim­ited adjusta­bil­ity of light out­put and the 2-LED night­light fea­ture offers soft, sub­tle light.



10” SkyTube14” SkyTube

 Avail­able in Two Sizes! 10” Sky­Tube lights up to 150 square feet. 10” equals up to three 100 watt light bulbs2 14” Sky­Tube lights up to 300 square feet. 14” equals up to five 100 watt light bulbs2 Units com­ply with Florida Build­ing Code includ­ing the High Veloc­ity Hur­ri­cane Zone. Based upon full mid-day sun and a 48 inch tube length

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