33 Household Mistakes Everyone Makes


As home­own­er’s we all want to make sure we are doing the right things in our home, because it’s a big invest­ment for our future. We came across this arti­cle that shows 33 house­hold mis­takes most home­own­ers are mak­ing. The first thing on this list is home­own­ers aren’t inspect­ing their roofs. It’s impor­tant to get your roof­ing checked, to know how much life you have left on your roof, and to repair any dam­ages. Roof­ing over 20 years old should imme­di­ate­ly be inspect­ed. With Mar­shall you have no pres­sure sales, and hon­est peo­ple work­ing for you. We hope to hear from you soon at 703–550-0055. Our esti­mates are always free. Be sure to check out the arti­cle in the link below!  

33 House­hold Mis­takes That Will Cost You Big Time

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