Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here! Hooray! Are you ready to clean and organize? 

  1. Purge clothes. Start with putting all of your clothes in a big pile. Throw out old clothes that aren’t used, can’t fit, or you no longer love 

  2. Orga­nize essen­tials and daily items in top draw­ers. Clear off every­thing pos­si­ble from coun­ters, dressers, and tables. Make a place for everything

  3. Fold every­thing face up to view them eas­ier in draw­ers, and use bas­kets to orga­nize. When pos­si­ble use clear bins to see all con­tents eas­ily in stor­age not fre­quently uti­lized!image from Makespace.com


    Use lemons to soften tough stains in the microwave, and through­out your home! Leav­ing a fresh scent! Use White Vine­gar for the shower head and faucet build up! 




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