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Centreville, Virginia

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

We are happy to ser­vice the Cen­tre­ville, VA area! We offer ser­vices in roof­ing sid­ingwin­dowsgut­ters, car­pen­try, slid­ing glass doors, front entry doors, sky­lights and more!


Serv­ing: 20120, 20121 and 20151.


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Hear are reviews from clients in Centreville:

Roof Replace­ment: Put on a new roof. Cleaned up nicely after­wards. via National Con­sumer Reviews Web­site. Cen­tre­ville, VA. 12/18/14

Excel­lent.  Tech­ni­cian came to pro­vide esti­mate and was able to com­plete job at that time.  Tech­ni­cian (Chris) was on time, pro­fes­sional, per­son­able  and was kind enough to re-nail two loose gut­ters.  He also advised me of the pos­si­ble life remain­der on my roof . Esti­mate given was half the amount given by another com­pany.” via National Con­sumer Rat­ings Web­site. Cen­tre­ville, VA. 10/14/13.

They got the job done in one day and did a good job of clean­ing up. Also, when I asked about sev­eral issues a few days later, they sent pic­tures of what they had repaired before putting on the new roof, which was very help­ful. They also came out to assess a ques­tion about the roof.” via Local Magazine’s Con­sumer Rat­ing Web­site. Sub­scriber from Cen­tre­ville, VA. 9/22/13


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GAF Roofing Contractors for Northern Virginia and Maryland

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Mar­shall Roof­ing Sid­ing & Win­dows is a well known con­trac­tor in many com­mu­ni­ties through­out North­ern Vir­ginia and Mary­land. We have com­pleted repair and replace­ment roof­ing in thou­sands of homes in these com­mu­ni­ties. We offer Cer­tain­teed and GAF prod­ucts and ser­vices for roof­ing. GAF prod­ucts are detailed, and are excel­lent in the indus­try. Home-ownership is all about pro­tect­ing your biggest invest­ment for years to come. You will see below, the detail and thought that goes into every GAF roof­ing instal­la­tion for res­i­den­tial home. This is more than shin­gles! You want a strong reli­able roof. With this sys­tem you won’t have to worry about our hail storms and high winds of years past. Be sure to start with a sta­ble roof­ing sys­tem from GAF to avoid has­sles for years to come.  



 gaf roofing ad


Explore more! Invest now. Serv­ing many areas includ­ing Arling­ton, Alexan­dria, Fair­fax, Lees­burg, Ash­burn, Man­as­sas, Lor­ton, War­ren­ton, Gainesville, Spring­field, Falls Church and Burke to name a few in Vir­ginia. We also have Senior Esti­ma­tors liv­ing and work­ing in Rockville, Bethesda, Upper Marl­boro and Acco­keek in Mary­land that are ready and will­ing to serve you. Call today for your free esti­mate 703–550-0055.

All about your gutters

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

So, you want to know more about your gut­ter sys­tem. Here is a quick guide about your gut­ters. You may notice a leak, or dam­age to a part on your gut­ters. This quick guide allows you to inform us of the issue, and have some­one access the issue accu­rately. Each new gut­ter sys­tem by Mar­shall is cus­tom built for your home. We offer expe­ri­enced esti­ma­tors, pre­cise mea­sure­ments, and excep­tional prod­ucts. Below is an expla­na­tion of each part of your gutters.



gutters With identification



























Rake Board: A rake board is an eave which runs along the gable end of the roof of a mod­ern res­i­den­tial struc­ture. It is a place on your home eas­ily vis­i­ble to guests of your home. Rot­ten and dam­aged boards should be replaced to improve the look and extend the life of your roof. 


Frieze Board: A frieze board is a hor­i­zon­tal board between 2 inches and 6 inches wide.


Fas­cia: Fas­cia is a ver­ti­cal frieze board. 


Sof­fit: A sof­fit con­nects the over­hang under your gut­ter­ing sys­tem with your home. Sof­fits pro­tect against mold and rot­ting wood work. 


Gut­ters:  A gut­ter is a shal­low trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for car­ry­ing off rain­wa­ter. Main­tain­ing your gut­ters will extend the life of your roof.


Down­spouts: Down­spouts are pipes that carry rain­wa­ter from a roof to a drain or to ground level.


Gut­ter Screens/Protection: Gut­ter screens and gut­ter pro­tec­tion sys­tems pro­tect your gut­ters from debris and leaves by pre­vent­ing them from clogs. 


Gut­ter Protection



We have two forms of gut­ter protection.


Gut­ter Screens help pre­vent debris from clog­ging the guttering. 

gutter screen
















Gut­ter pro­tec­tion by Gut­ter­Top­per is a sys­tem that allows rain water to flow smoothly through your gut­ter system. 




























Call us for a free esti­mate North­ern Vir­ginia and Mary­land. 703–550-0055. 

Angie’s List Super Service Award

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

We have received the Angie’s List Super Ser­vice Award for our ser­vices since 2005! 12 Years on Angie’s List! Mar­shall is a name you can trust for your home. Call for a free review for North­ern Vir­ginia and Mary­land areas! 



4 Last Minute Summer Projects For Your Home, Start Today!

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Sum­mer is slowly com­ing to an end. It’s not too last to com­plete some last minute items to your home. Here are five fun sum­mer projects you can do at home! Make it a fam­ily project, update your home, enter­tain, cre­ate a new stor­age space! Here are some projects you can do your­self! Be care­ful, but be cre­ative and have fun!

Do it Your­self Projects to Com­plete before sum­mer ends!

Update and uti­lize old dressers and stor­age units. You can never have too much stor­age! Add a touch of flare to old

cab­i­nets and dressers with mod­ern glass and shelv­ing! Sand, stain/paint, et voila!

before and after cabinet

glass cabinet


Update the sink faucets. Add piz­zazz to your kitchen and bath­rooms with updated faucets!


Let your cre­ative juices flow with land­scap­ing your front or back yard! Start a new gar­den with flow­ers
or veg­eta­bles! Reuse and recy­cle old buck­ets and wag­ons with fresh herbs. Have fun, and be cre­ative in
uti­liz­ing your out­door space!

garden flower


 Let Mar­shall update your home

Here are some ser­vices you may not know that we pro­vide to our
North­ern Vir­ginia and Mary­land clients!

New Shut­ters, win­dow trim, or update your deck from our Car­pen­ters. We pro­vide many ser­vices. One
that you may not be aware is our car­pen­try divi­sion. The mod­ern­iza­tion that new
wood work pro­vides is invaluable!


Replace old gut­ters, update rail­ings, paint wood trim, fix wood rot, or replace miss­ing shin­gles. There are so many things we can do to update your home. Be sure to call for your free estimate!

Does my roof need to be replaced? It may just need a repair

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Roofing Northern Virginia






























There are so many fac­tors that decide if you need a roof repair or roof replace­ment. Many home­own­ers are sur­prised to hear that many leaks are due to poor flash­ing. Below is a new flash­ing job around a chim­ney. If the flash­ing has been dam­aged around chim­neys, vents, etc. this can cause leaks. We rec­om­mend con­sid­er­ing a replace­ment for roofs with leaks over 20 years old. We are always happy to pro­vide free esti­mates on roof repair or replace­ment esti­mates! Give us a call for North­ern Vir­ginia and Maryland’s Fair­fax, Prince William, Arling­ton, Alexan­dria, Fauquier, Prince George’s and Mont­gomery coun­ties! We are more than happy to exceed your expectation! 





chimney flashing







July 2017 Newsletter: Summer, Carpentry, Skylights and Sun Tunnels galore

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017


Cel­e­brate Sum­mer: July 2017 Monthly Newsletter

We are more than a roof­ing company. 

Our Ser­vices
Learn About our Carpentry

We spe­cial­ize in carpentry. 
Let us replace and upgrade your trim­ming and shut­ters for your home to add char­ac­ter and appeal.   

Our car­pen­ters can cre­ate a new space giv­ing you new light­ing for your dark areas with sky­lights and sun tunnels! 

Our car­pen­ters can fix and upgrade your decks and gazebo. They can fix your faulty fram­ing and more. 

If you need your sof­fit and or fas­cia replaced we have a car­pen­ter for that.

Give us a call for all of your car­pen­try needs. All of our esti­mates are free.

Install SunTunnels/Sky Tubes

Sun tun­nels use solar power to light up dark areas. Save on energy and updates any home with a sleek design.

How To Clean Vinyl Siding
Check out our Partner’s Blog and learn how to effec­tively clean your sid­ing. Here are some prob­lem areas, and clean­ing solutions. 

  • Dirt, grime, soot and chalk. For gen­eral dirt­i­ness all you’ll need is a bucket of soapy water — dish soap or com­mon laun­dry deter­gent work well, a soft bris­tle brush and a gar­den hose. Apply the soapy mix­ture by hand and thor­oughly rinse the sid­ing with clean water from the gar­den hose. Avoid pro­longed or high pres­sure rins­ing of open ven­ti­lated areas and keep clean­ing solu­tion off sur­round­ing fix­tures and sur­faces not sched­uled for wash­ing.  NOTE:  We do not rec­om­mend power wash­ing vinyl or poly­mer sid­ing as it can cause mois­ture intru­sion, dam­age, and/or dis­col­oration.  Instead, we sug­gest using a house wash that con­nects to your hose.  This is the sim­plest and most effec­tive way to clean stub­born sid­ing stains. A small amount of soapy water shouldn’t affect plants or shrub­bery, but if you are con­cerned about plant­i­ngs close to the house select a soap prod­uct with­out added per­fumes, dyes or mois­tur­iz­ers. Before using, test a small amount of the solu­tion on the plant and wait a few days to see if there are any effects.
  • Stains. Occa­sion­ally sid­ing will incur a stub­born stain, like algae build up, that does not come off with stan­dard house­hold deter­gents. In these cases it is best to request a cleaner directly from your sid­ing con­trac­tor. They will be able to pro­vide you with prod­ucts designed to work with the sid­ing at hand but even still, always test a small amount in an incon­spic­u­ous location.
  • Mildew. Vinyl sid­ing is mold and mildew resis­tant.  How­ever if the sid­ing is dirty, mildew could grow on the dirty coat­ing espe­cially in warmer cli­mates with con­sis­tently high humid­ity.  Mildew appears as black spots on sur­face dirt and is usu­ally detected in areas not sub­jected to rain­fall, such as under eaves and porch enclo­sures.  To remove mix together: 1/3 cup of deter­gent (Tide, for exam­ple), 2/3 cup of Trisodium (Soil­Max, for exam­ple), one quart of 5% Sodium Hypochlo­rite (Clorox bleach, for exam­ple) and three quarts of water. (Cau­tion: Greater con­cen­tra­tions may cause dam­age to vinyl sid­ing.) If this solu­tion does not eas­ily remove the mildew, you can request a mildew-specific cleaner from your con­trac­tor or local build­ing mate­ri­als retailer.

For more infor­ma­tion, and to read the entire arti­cle visit: 

Fun Recipes

Fun Recipes
Thai Chicken with Carrot-Ginger Salad

2 table­spoons unsalted but­ter, soft­ened
3 gar­lic cloves; 2 chopped, 1 crushed
4 tea­spoons Thai green curry paste (avail­able in the inter­na­tional aisle)
4 tea­spoons finely chopped peeled gin­ger
Grated zest and juice of 3 limes
4 skin-on, bone-in chicken breasts (2 to 2 1/2 pounds)
Kosher salt
1 table­spoon veg­etable oil
1 pound car­rots
2 table­spoons chopped fresh cilantro

Full Recipe:  Thai Chicken Recipe


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