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We are happy to ser­vice the Bethesda, MD area! We offer ser­vices in roof­ing sid­ingwin­dowsgut­ters, car­pen­try, slid­ing glass doors, front entry doors, sky­lights and more!


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20810, 20813, 20815, 20817, 20892, 20811, 20814, 20816, 20889, 20894


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New Gut­ters: They came out. They were very effi­cient. They told us what they were going to do. The instal­la­tion hasn’t been sub­jected to any real tests but it looks good. My wife was here when they did the job. She said they were very nice and they under­stood what it was that they had to do. They seemed to be a very good com­pany. The pric­ing was quite rea­son­able. It was good. It took a while to get an appoint­ment because they were actu­ally busy. National Con­sumer Reviews Web­site. Bethesda, MD 9/27/16


We have gut­ter screens on our gut­ters, but one gut­ter (about 25 feet) that is close to a tree was still get­ting clogged up from those lit­tle heli­copter pods.  So, Mar­shall Roof­ing sug­gested replac­ing the screen with a “Leaf Ter­mi­na­tor”, which is a cover with finer holes.  Then, we had a 2nd small job.  We wanted to move our rain bar­rel and needed the down­spout moved and wanted a diverter installed (so the rain would go into the bar­rel only until it was full and then go out the down­spout).  We had to pur­chase the diverter, but they installed it. It went well.  The sales per­son who came out was knowl­edge­able.  The guys that did the work were really good.  We had some spac­ing chal­lenges and they con­sid­ered them a puz­zle and fig­ured out a way to do both projects well.  We would use them again.” via National Con­sumer Rat­ings Web­site. Bethesda, MD.10/27/13.

I had the most amaz­ing expe­ri­ence with Mar­shall Roof­ing Sid­ing & Win­dows. They installed a fab­u­lous new roof for us. The esti­ma­tor said he wanted to study the site first with some of his work­ers and with a sid­ing man who replaced adja­cent wood so he would have a “well oiled” team, each per­son know­ing exactly what he/she was doing. I said “she” because they have a fab­u­lous woman roofer among the many men! When the team came and got to work, I had com­plete con­fi­dence in them. They were as effi­cient and knowl­edge­able as astro­nauts in space. Every­one was friendly, orga­nized and pro­fes­sional. They worked eas­ily and knowl­edge­ably with each other — there was such an uplift­ing sense of team­work. I even felt like a part of the team! The roof I got was flaw­less (I am a very care­ful cus­tomer), and the expe­ri­ence from the office to the estimator/supervisors to the peo­ple who actu­ally installed our new roof , far exceeded any expec­ta­tions I might have had. I rec­om­mend Mar­shall Roof­ing Sid­ing & Win­dows 110 per­cent!!” via Local Magazine’s Con­sumer Rat­ing Web­site. Sub­scriber from Bethesda, MD. 10/10/13


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