Fall Checklist Here we Come

Mar­shall Roof­ing, Sid­ing & Win­dows are con­trac­tors that care about your home! We update the exte­rior of your home, but with any home, there are many main­te­nance tasks to be com­pleted through­out the year! With fall approach­ing, this is the per­fect time to pre­pare your home for cooler weather!


  • Check your heater
  • Caulk win­dows and entryways
  •  Check and fix drafty areas
  • Replace drafty and faulty win­dows and doors
  • Put up storm windows
  • Clean gutters/seek gut­ter pro­tec­tion system
  • Clean fire­place and chimney
  • Repair roof issues
  • redi­rect water with divert­ers and extend­ing downspouts

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